I’m always thrilled when readers tell me how much The Divorce Dance has helped them or someone they care about. The following is a message a client recently sent me:

So my mother found your book so educational and entertaining that she
hijacked my copy!  I was hoping to read it on the plane back, but she
begged me to let her keep it as she wanted to study it further.  So
I’ll have to buy another copy from you and read it!

And then there’s the following:

I would recommend this book to any woman going through a divorce.  Truth be told, if anyone would have tossed a book my way when I was going through my own “divorce dance,” I would have politely and swiftly declined; using lack of time as my number one excuse (stay at home mom of four).  Second to that, I would have probably assumed it would be complex and difficult to understand – something I certainly couldn’t attempt while my world was falling apart around me.  But Stan Corey’s Divorce Dance is different.  The most unique book around.  He does an amazing job of capturing the reality of divorce and the clash of trying to make sound legal and financial decisions that will affect your future, while under the influence of profound emotional turmoil.  He accomplishes this by taking the reader along the very personal journey of a couple going through a divorce.  He brings to life the entire family in an easy to read novel fashion.  I hope to never hear someone close to me utter the words, “We’re getting a divorce.”  And though it’s unfortunate that I most certainly will; it’s extremely fortunate that Divorce Dance has hit the shelves.

—Nancy Panaggio 

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