Earlier this year my 7-year old granddaughter talked with my wife about wanting “Popeye”—what she calls me—to build her a doll house. After a brief discussion I thought I could do it but would not be able to start until September once I retired. September came and I had somehow forgotten about the doll house until my granddaughter came to me and asked when I was going to start building her doll house. Then she said; “Popeye, it is okay if you don’t want to build the doll house, I will understand!”

What do you say to that?  We then went online and looked at various kits and of course, she wanted the Pink house with all of the trimmings and it looked like a mansion out of the Victorian era. I ordered the kit and it arrived a week later, a 48-pound box of wood!

To step back for a moment, I do have a hobby of making things and have always had a workshop. I have built toy chests and blanket chests, completed building out basement rec rooms with cabinets and built in tv areas with book shelves as well as building workshops in each of my homes when we moved, usually the first thing I built. But never a doll house, I had no idea what I had just signed up for.

Have you ever received a request from a child or grandchild that you could not refuse?

 I opened the box and found 28 sheets of wood with all of the pieces needed and “simply” had to just cut out the pieces and put it together. Then I read the directions which indicated that I might need to consider painting, staining and varnishing pieces before assembling and consider if I wanted to wall paper the rooms. The box also contained the roof shingles and Victorian clap-board siding along with the spiral roof tops and interior stairs for the three- story house.

I have now gotten to the point of starting to assemble the major parts that have been prepared, putting together the interior walls with flooring and the outside walls. The instructions are written in another language (a form of English, but in doll house terminology) so I am having to try and figure it out by looking at the pictures in black and white.

I will keep you posted on the progress!


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