Every day over ten-thousand Americans are retiring. But nowadays, retirement bears little resemblance to what it looked like just a generation ago. From Social Security and Medicare to how you’ll spend the rest of your life, the retirement rules are rapidly changing.

No doubt, you have more options than ever before. At the same time, living your one best retirement life has never been more complicated. The decisions you make have consequences that can last your entire life and into future generations. To thrive during these high-stakes years, planning and expert guidance are key. In When Work Becomes Optional, Stan Corey, Certified Financial Planner Professional, shows you how to:

  • Take control of your physical and emotional wellness and financial independence
  • Evaluate your retirement readiness
  • Identify and avoid common retirement pitfalls
  • Determine what type of retirement you want and how to live out your dreams
  • Skillfully navigate through the Five Stages of Retirement

Stan’s books will show you how to overcome obstacles, avoid
catastrophic losses, and master your money for the rest of your life.

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